The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Originally, there were three, Cliff Martinez (Drummer), Michael Balzary, AKA flea,(Bass Guitarist) and Jack Sherman(lead guitarist). They began their careers playing at bars and clubs but at this stage, they were just stage boys that worked weekends for little pay. It was in one of these bars that they met their future member and vocalist Anthony Kiedis, and there's a story behind it. I'm guessing it was the late 1970's or early 1980's, and they were playing at this bar, and Anthony just happened to be their, that’s fate for you, and he was loving what he was hearing, so he decided to return the next week. This went on for a while, until the four of them became good friends. Flea (Michael Balzary) noticed that Anthony had a very unique and interesting voice, and later asked him over for a jam. The chemistry was dangerous. They didn't know it then, but these four would soon become one of the world's sweetest bands.

In 1984, thanks to the wonderful people EMI records, they produced their first self-titled album, obviously known as 'Red Hot Chili Peppers'. This included songs like' Get Up and Jump', True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes', as well as one of my favourites 'Soul to Squeeze'. From here, They produced another album, and by 1985, Freaky Styley was out with the same setup in Kiedis, Martinez, Balzary and Sherman. This album produces songs like 'Catholic School Girls Rule', 'Jungle Man' and Hollywood'.

Between 1985 and 1987, Sherman and Martinez had left the band due to drug problems which made way for Jack Irons (drummer) and Hillel Slovak (guitarist). They would turn out to be, I think, one of the best setups ever in the history of this world. Then again I can totally dig John Frusciante and Chad Smith. In 1987, they created the 'Uplift Mofo Party Plan' which included classics like "Fight Like a Brave', Me and My Friends and Backwoods. But on June 25th 1987, Hillel Slovak die of a Heroin overdose which forced Jack Irons, their drummer to quit. But they would still fight on!

This tragedy would bring John Frusciante (arguably the best guitarist in the world today) and Chad Smith (a sick drummer) whom Flea (who change his name {from Michael Balzary} permanently) said, and I quote, 'This guy eats drum for breakfast.' John Frusciante brought with him to the band and new and totally awsome brand of funk to the scene. He would complement Flea's bass with such charisma and with the deep symbolic lyrics that only Anthony could conjure, they produced the funkiest band ever to bless Earth's surface. In 1989 EMI records brought to the public a evolutionary brand of music. The album was called 'Mothers Milk', which included sounds like, 'Knock Me down', 'Magic Johnson' and a Stevie Wonder cover 'Higher Ground' which has the best bass line ever!

The best was still to come though, in 1991, in a castle in California, With help from superstar Rick Rubin, the Peppers and Warner Brothers, their new producers produce the masterpiece know to us by 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik'. If you've heard this album, you'd understand that no human word could describe the magnificence of this album. It includes tracks like, 'Power of the Equality', 'Give it Away' and one of their best pieces ever, Under the bridge, which was write about Anthony's deep drug problem that he possessed in his younger years. Have as listen, and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

From here, John Frusciante went off the rails a bit. He was taken over by heroin and left the band to start a solo album. During this time, John went through an extremely rough time, he went through a period of wanting and trying to kill himself, but in the music, he found his way out. On the other hand, The Chili Peppers were still alive, merely lying dormant. But along came a black hair man by the name, Navaro. In 1995 they brought the world 'One Hot Minute' and this, to me, was a different side of the Chili's, it was something that had to happen. I found it interesting and creative. It's something I could relate to, and the song, 'Shallow Be Thy Game' gave me a sense of pride and power. It was a heavier, more funk-rock style of music, and I loved the use of Wah Wah in the song 'walkabout'. Some other songs include 'airplane', 'Warped' and 'My Friends'.

In 1998, the rehabilitated John Frusciante returns to the band. He brought back his awsome ability to compliment Flea, Anthony and good old Chad, who was getting on a bit. They got together produce another masterpiece. Maybe even as good as Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Californication, what a great name, was obviously one of Anthony's creations. This album was just hit after hit. It was fifteen tracks of meaning, hope and 'funkiness'; you must listen to it. Songs, such as 'Scar Tissue, Otherside and the Give it away (which has the best Wahwah line know to man kind. Yes even better then Hendricks cover.) The so savior, which was written about John's troubled times, is one that you must hear, it’s a jigsaw puzzle that total rocks.

From here they move on to a soft-rock-funk style, which I was quite pissed about, but never the less, one of their best ever albums, every note is playing and positioned with such precession that it became overwhelming. My band and me have learned and played this albums funkiest song 'Can't Stop' to death, so on that note, but enjoyed it. I love that line, and always will, regardless of my drummer Cameron's objections. Laugh out Loud. Other songs like 'By The Way', 'Venice Queen' and 'Minor things' still set a benchmark in today's charts. Well they should!

I'll finish by saying the chili's two new songs, 'Fortune Faded' and 'Save the Population' totally rock and I look forward to the next time their in town, and their next album.
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Trapt was formed in the suburban town of Los Gatos in California in the mid 1990s. This nu-metal band was created by high school friends Chris Brown (vocals, guitar) and Peter Charell (bass). Both men were fans of Korn, Metallica, 311, Pink Floyd, and Sound Garden. They began playing cover songs at high school parties. Simon Ormandy (guitar) soon joined the group. Trapt began practicing at the new guitarist’s guest house. In 1997, Trapt compiled their songs and placed it on a cd, which they sold at their concerts. In 1998, the men graduated high school. Although they separated; Brown and Ormandy attending UC Santa Barbara and Charell going to UC Santa Cruz, they stayed in contact and kept the group together. By 1998, Trapt was opening for bands such as Papa Roach, Dredg, and Spike 1000. They soon released another cd entitled Amalgamation. The cd was comprised of old demos and new material. The quartet began to realize that they wanted to focus solely on the band. Thus, they dropped out of school. They created a cd entitled Glimpse and re-located to Los Angeles, California. At that time they added drummer Aaron Montogermery to the group. In 2000, Trapt performed at the prestigious Troubadour. Shortly after their performance they were approached by a representative from Immortal Records. Immortal Records soon lost interest in the group. Trapt’s big break, however, came in 2001 when they were signed to Warner Brothers Records. They released their debut major label cd entitled Trapt in 2002. The album was produced by Rage Against the Machine producer Garth Richardson. The album contained twelve original songs and the singles “Headstrong,” “Echo,” “Still Frame,” and “Enigma.”
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Hoobastank was created in 1994 by friends Dan Estrin (guitar), Douglas Robb (vocals), Markku Lappalainen (bass). After forming, the group began writing music in their Southern California suburban hometown of Agoura Hills, California. In 1995, they began looking for a drummer. Chris Hesse responded to the group’s newspaper advertisement. One month later, Hoobastank performed for the first time at Los Angeles’s prestigious Roxy club. The group, which is a mix of post-grunge, rock, ska, and punk was influenced by bands such as Phish, Guns N’ Roses, Tool, and Faith No More. They began touring in California and Arizona. After making enough money, Hoobastank financed their debut album entitled They Sure Don’t Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To. In November 2001, Hoobastank released their debut self-titled album for a major label. They received much praise from both the public and the media.
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I'm sorry I haven't posted in forever. I won't let this community die, for Ian's sake. Umm ..don't got anything to promote really. But hey, if you haven't heard of Northstar go check them out --
Thats some of their new cd which really kicks butt. I just bought it yesterday. k, bye.

[ <3 ]

I am the piano that nobody plays when everyone's home. x-Northstar-x

Canadian Jams

So here's a couple bands I'm pretty sure not too many people (at least in the states) have heard of.

Nero- who has some dates in the U.S. this summer.
I've seen them numerous times in Toronto and other places.

Grand Theft Bus- a great grooving funky jamband from ......Halifax(?) pretty sure that's right.

Link ->

Blue Quarter- not sure where they're from but they've got some really great jams. a "techno-jazz groove" sound

Link ->


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