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Canadian Jams - the sic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
the lesserknownbands saluted

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Canadian Jams [Apr. 23rd, 2004|06:46 am]
the lesserknownbands saluted


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So here's a couple bands I'm pretty sure not too many people (at least in the states) have heard of.

Nero- who has some dates in the U.S. this summer.
I've seen them numerous times in Toronto and other places.

Grand Theft Bus- a great grooving funky jamband from ......Halifax(?) pretty sure that's right.

Link -> http://www.grandtheftbus.com/

Blue Quarter- not sure where they're from but they've got some really great jams. a "techno-jazz groove" sound

Link -> http://www.bluequarter.com/




[User Picture]From: phishman
2004-04-24 07:54 am (UTC)


Well, Blue Quarter is planning some U.S. dates in the fall.....but I don't know if they'll be coming your way.....keep your eyes open
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